Andrea Utsey Celebrates 10 Years with S.J. Gorowitz

andrea_2 featheredS.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. is very excited to celebrate the 10-year working anniversary of Andrea Utsey, firm administrator. Any client who has ever called us, sent us an email or stepped through our front door over the last decade has had the pleasure of interacting with Andrea and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a member of our team.

Andrea got her start while in high school, where she applied to and was accepted into the La-Z-Boy Chair Company’s vocational program, the first junior to ever be accepted. “I was so excited to be accepted to work for such a well-known corporate name,” says Andrea. “Plus, they paid higher than minimum wage, which was huge for a high school kid at the time.” In this role, she performed administrative tasks for the corporate headquarters. Upon graduation, she was offered a full-time role but decided to decline it and bought a one-way ticket to Atlanta.

She landed her first role in Atlanta at a CPA firm in Buckhead, Stephen M. Berman & Associates, as an administrative assistant. It was in this position where she began her career in public accounting and providing external client service. Following this role, she then moved into administrator roles with two other well-known and highly respected Atlanta public accounting firms. “I was always looking to better help clients and build my skills, so I became acquainted with the Association for Accounting Administration (AAA). I learned best practices on how to better manage and create streamlined processes in my own firm as well as assisting in the firm’s HR functions.”

While Andrea enjoyed her coworkers and her work, she lived in Alpharetta and wanted to work there as well. “I wanted to find a firm closer to me, but I didn’t want to work just anywhere,” she says. “I was looking for a firm where my skills could be used effectively and one which provided high-quality client service that I could stand behind.” A friend alerted her to an open position at a boutique accounting firm not too far from where she lived. “I interviewed with Stacey Gorowitz and began working together to create a client service-focused firm.” When Andrea started with SJG, the firm was working out of Stacey’s home office. In the last 10 years, they have moved into office space and have more than doubled the firm’s revenue.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Andrea as part of our team,” says Stacey Gorowitz, CPA and founding principal of SJG. “She’s hard working, thoughtful and always goes above and beyond to provide the best client service both to internal staff and for firm clients. I couldn’t have asked for a better asset to the firm and I’m looking forward to another 10 years!”


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