NEWS ALERT: Deadlines for 1099-MISC have changed for 2016!

Until now, employers had two dates to keep in mind when preparing 1099’s and W-2s. Beginning with 2016 forms, employers will now have one filing deadline for all Federal information returns - January 31, 2017. This applies for both employee and agency copies, or whether filing paper or electronic returns. The state of Georgia has also adopted the new January 31 filing deadline. … [Read more...]

October 2015 Newsletter

The Key Financial Pieces of Successful Expansion Recently, we’ve been exploring the financial benefits, tasks and consequences of expansion. We’ve looked at everything from which questions to ask on the front end of planning, to the many variances in tax compliance, to recommended accounting systems. In this newsletter, the SJG team offers best practices we’ve assembled over decades of supporting emerging and expanding businesses. Read on, share, and plan your next steps with confidence. Planning an Expansion? These are Your Most Important Considerations. By nature, most entrepreneurs and business owners are goal setters, innovators and challenge seekers. For many, once their business is on solid footing, there’s already consideration of what the next one might be. If that next step is expansion, it’s critical to start with smart planning. We look at what expansion really entails and impacts, and then walk you through the most important expansion options, considering the pros and … [Read more...]

What financial records should I keep?

SJG Tax Alpharetta

Good financial records lay the foundation for mapping business progress, preparing statements, identifying key income sources, tracking deductible expenses, keeping track of property, preparing your tax returns, and supporting the items you report on tax returns. One of the questions we get most often is how long to keep financial documents. Generally, the length of time you should keep a document depends on the action, expense or event the document records.  … [Read more...]

Enrolling for Medicare: A Primer

SJ Gorowitz Morgan Stanley Medicare Primer

The complexity of Medicare and the myriad options enrollees face can be daunting. Here are some pointers on how to go about enrolling for Medicare, and suggestions on different alternatives such as working with a Medicare advisor. As any American over 65 knows, signing up for Medicare is not simple. There are four different parts, each with different options that can have widely divergent effects on costs and coverage. Enrollees may also wish to supplement their Medicare with private coverage. If you are approaching that landmark birthday, consider the following pointers to guide you through the enrollment process. Start by determining whether you’ll continue to have group coverage through an employer or association. This is an especially important first step for anyone who continues to work past age 65 or who can be covered by a spouse who continues to work. While not all private group plans allow people to keep their coverage after age 65, those that do could help give you … [Read more...]