As a partner to our clients, our goal is to promote innovation and creativity as you plan your business strategy and define your goals. We work with professional program facilitators to educate, inspire and communicate current business trends and industry knowledge.

Previous client programs include:

Organizational Agility: Being Ahead of the Adaptability Curve  (January ’11)
Mike Richardson, author of the book WheelSpin: Regaining Traction in a Fast Changing Business World by Maximizing Your Organizational Agility, discussed simple, pragmatic approaches to grow cash-flow by reducing “WheelSpin” and increasing traction for cents on the dollar, leading to a higher ROI.

Planning for the Transformative Moment: Liquidity and Succession Strategies (August ’09)
Seth Cohen,  an attorney with Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP and Lee Miklovic, director with Capital Strategies Group presented a dynamic program discussing trends in the M&A and equity investments sectors. Specifics included an overview of liquidity and succession strategies, the M&A process and discussion of timetables, as well as identifying ways to proactively address risks related to transformative transactions. This program was hosted by Michael Rothfarb of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Economic Outlook in an Uncertain World (August ’08)
What will influence our economy in the future? Britton Busby, Economic Research Analyst from Lord Abbett, who is on their Strategist on the Strategic Policy Committee and was responsible for setting the Macro Economic Policy for his firm, reviewed current trends and future economic forecasts. This program was hosted by Citigroup Smith Barney.

Perspectives in Estate Planning (June ’07)
Richard Morgan, Estate Tax Attorney with Morgan DiSalvo, P.C. discussed the importance of wills and estate planning to protect your wealth and ensure it is passed on according to your wishes. Hosted by Michael Rothfarb, Certified Investment Management Consultant with Citigroup Smith Barney.

Along with assisting our clients in their continuing education, the staff of SJ Gorowitz is active in both regional and national professional associations that enable us to remain at the forefront of the accounting industry.