Litigation Support

Financially focused litigation support combines audit, tax and business consulting to produce an optimal settlement.


SJG Litigation Support Accounting AlpharettaLawsuits involving business damages need a perspective that demonstrates the strength of your position as to damages or the weakness of the opposing position.

Clients trust S.J. Gorowitz Accounting and Tax Services, P.C. for financially focused litigation support. Combining audit, tax and business advisory experience, we assist attorneys and clients by evaluating complex calculations, economic damages and reasoning behind opposing party assertions.

In every dispute or negotiation, we employ strong analytical and communication skills to produce evidence of flaws in the opposing party position. Our goal is to guide you to the best possible outcome with efficiency and precision.

Litigation Support Services

  • Asset tracking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Comprehensive review of financials
  • Divorce
  • Estate disputes
  • Expert witness
  • Forensic accounting
  • Partnership disputes

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