Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution accounting methods can vary as much as the services and products you make and deliver. Choose the approach that keeps your operations running smoothly.

Success in manufacturing and distribution hinges on your ability to manage numerous details with accuracy and foresight into how they impact current and future operations. You have to stay on top of inventory, costing methods, currency and trade guidelines, transactions, assets, liabilities and even government regulations. An informed, proactive partner can help you analyze processes, manage financial functions and give you the data you need to sustain and grow your operations.

The team at S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. is well versed in the industry nuances and financial accounting requirements specific to manufacturing and distribution.

Clients we have supported fall into pharmaceutical, automotive, textile, building materials, printing and publishing, and oil and gas sectors. Working closely with management, we are an on-call resource of insight and support for your operational, reporting and business planning efforts. Timely reporting informs financial analysis and strategy. To help you maximize returns and minimize liabilities, we keep you informed about the tax strategies and current tax laws impacting your reporting, deductions, credits and the timing of your transactions.

Manufacturing & Distribution Services