An informed, proactive tax management approach helps you keep more of what you earn.

Every business decision you make impacts your tax situation. S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. specializes in scenarios in which personal and business goals are closely integrated. We know that, particularly for closely held businesses, the value of your tax management and preparation is measured in the sustainability of your business and your peace of mind.

We help you reach your goals through tax counsel that takes into account your corporate structure, industry, and requirements at state and federal levels. Our team of experienced professionals routinely evaluates tax strategies to inform actionable and executable year-end tax savings strategies. In situations where it is necessary to work with a tax agency regarding a question or challenge, SJG provides professional representation and negotiation to alleviate the stress and pursue an acceptable outcome.

At SJG, our goal is to prepare returns that ensure you can maximize your benefits, minimize your liabilities, and keep more of your earnings over the long term.

Tax Management, Planning and Projections

  • Mid-year analysis
  • Reasonable compensation levels
  • Retirement plan considerations
  • Year-end tax projection

Tax Preparation

  • Business personal property tax returns
  • C-corporation income tax returns
  • Individual income tax returns
  • Multi-state income tax returns
  • Not-for-profit income tax returns
  • Partnerships income tax returns
  • S-corporation income tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Trusts and estate income tax returns
  • FBAR foreign reporting
  • Non-profit tax returns

Taxing Authorities Representation

  • Internal Revenue Service and state income tax audit representation
  • Payroll and sales tax audit representation
  • Property tax divisions
  • Tax liens or levies
  • Tax notice resolution

Hold on to your hard earned money.

"I tried four different CPAs before I finally found one who was truly helpful with tax planning. Not only did the SJG find (and fix) mistakes the previous tax advisor had made; they have prevented the annual April surprise regarding how much I owe or will get refunded. Toward the end of every year, the team gives me projections and options for actions I can take to reduce my tax liability. I have literally saved tens of thousands of dollars with their help. Having the SJG team handling my tax strategy and advising me on growth planning means I don’t have to worry about it and can focus on running my business."
Stacy Williams, CEO
Big Drum
(formerly Prominent Placement)