Professional Services

Providing the best experience for your clients requires keeping a firm handle on your own operations. Securing a reliable accounting and tax advisor is the first step in that balancing act.

Keeping your focus on serving your clients is an occupational necessity. But in a changing regulatory and economic environment, it can put you at risk of getting caught off guard by tax and accounting matters that only get more complex as you expand operations.

S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. is a collaborative source of knowledgeable accounting and tax advisory for professional services providers. Our team remains informed about the business, accounting, tax compliance and standards that impact your operations and growth. Working by your side, we focus on tax minimization strategies so you can be sure that you are making timely, informed decisions that help you understand changes in tax law and their effect on your bottom line.

We apply current industry-specific knowledge to keep you informed and equipped to respond to economic and tax law compliance, equipping you to save money, enjoy peace of mind and pursue opportunities over the long term.

SJG believes that success comes from knowing what to manage in-house, and when to rely on a guide who can free you from daily financial tasks and empower your growth strategy.

SJG is an experienced partner trusted by corporate attorneys for our approach to accounting and tax compliance, accounting and tax analysis, and forensic accounting.

Providing excellent patient care is challenging and expensive. SJG oversees accounting issues so you can focus on providing the best possible care for the greatest number of patients.

Achieve lasting peace of mind.

We hit every deadline, are selective about taking on clients whom we can help most, value honesty in every circumstance and approach every project with professionalism, dedication and experience. Our people, clients and partners trust us because we operate with the utmost integrity in every component of our professional and personal lives.
- SJG Integrity Promise