• Accounting
        • Your financial statements should show a complete picture of your business, and lay the foundation to help you create a strategy for the future.
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        • Tax
        • Tax returns prepared to ensure we minimize your liability and keep more of your earnings over the long term.
          READ MORE>

        • Business Advisory
        • From proper entity selection at the inception of a business to developing an exit strategy, we are here to guide you in making informed decisions that are goal driven and take into consideration the materiality of your financial situation.
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        • QuickBooks
        • We maximize your QuickBooks investment by customizing the software to meet your specific needs and industry best practices.
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        • Litigation Support
        • We employ strong analytical and communication skills to produce evidence that supports your position in cases of a dispute or negotiation.
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        • M&A Advisory
        • Whether you are selling, acquiring or expanding, we are well equipped to ensure you respond to opportunities swiftly and with confidence.
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        • SJG
        • Manufacturing & Distribution
        • Success in manufacturing and distribution hinges on your ability to manage numerous details with accuracy and foresight into how they impact current and future operations.
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        • Consulting Services
        • You focus on your core competencies, customer service and strategy and we’ll keep you from getting caught off-guard by daily financial tasks or overwhelmed by growth.
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        • Medical
        • Patient care is your primary concern. Providing the best clinical experience for your patients continues to get more difficult and costly. Delivery models are changing from fee for service to quality based.
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        • Legal
        • Running a legal firm is a balancing act with high stakes. Your reputation hinges on your ability to support clients with responsiveness and accuracy.
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        • Real Estate
        • Real estate is characterized by large material gains and losses. Every transaction has the potential to impact your accounting and tax situation.
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        • Technology
        • Perhaps more than any other industry, technology companies must have an infrastructure built to scale. A culture of continuous iteration requires an ability to account for a fluctuating profit margin.
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        • Professional Services
        • With a consultative, integrated approach to accounting, tax and consulting services for businesses and individuals, we work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals.
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        • Renewable Energy
        • Renewable energy is an area of growing interest for businesses, as well as the advantageous tax incentives when transitioning operations to include new energy solutions. Read our series of articles to LEARN MORE.


SJG News

SJG Celebrates 25th Anniversary

SJG Celebrates 25th Anniversary by Sharing the 25 Things That We Have Accomplished

25th AnniversaryAs we continue our quarter-century celebration, we would like to say thanks to all of you who have reached out to offer their congratulations. Twenty-five years of experience means nothing without you.

Thus far our first two “25 lists” have been well received. We’ve got one more important list of “25” that we’d like to share today: The 25 Things That We Have Accomplished! We hope that you’ll enjoy reading this list as much as we did attaining it.

  1. Being Recognized as a Top Accounting & Estate Planning Professionals in Atlanta 5 Star Professional as published in Atlanta Magazine.
  2. Filing over 7,500 tax returns
  3. Serving 2,750 Individual Clients
  4. Assisting 1,475 Small Businesses
  5. Selected among the 2014 Best of Alpharetta Award in the category of Accounting.
  6. Servicing clients and their business who have generated more than $1 billion in revenues
  7. Filing returns in 24 states
  8. Filing returns in 10 countries
  9. Aiding in the formation of over 200 new businesses
  10. Successfully transitioning from homebased business to a professional office space in the heart of Alpharetta
  11. Completing the Philanthropic Advisory Leadership Institute (PALI) class
  12. Joining the BPAC Giving Circle
  13. Creating a fun work environment that promotes good work/life balance
  14. Employing 19 people
  15. Providing development opportunities for staff to move from up the ranks to Senior and Manager including an Educational Incentive Program.
  16. Assisting our intern in finding a permanent placement
  17. Assisting employees with degrees and certifications including CPA, MBA, MAcc and MPA
  18. More than doubling revenue upon move into Alpharetta office.
  19. Receiving recognition from NAWBO with WE Award
  20. Development and implementation of operational efficiencies program and rules of the game.
  21. Having the confidence to retain only clients that are a positive influence on the business
  22. Creating ANDREA Day
  23. Completing over 1,000 hours of CPE credits in areas ranging from tax law to technology
  24. Implementing robust technology that helps us better serve our clients
  25. Celebrating 25 April 15th Tax Deadlines with Tequila!
  1. Prepare tax returns and extensions timely, not October 15
  2. Provide polite, friendly, warm, caring and mindful service
  3. Offer tax planning and minimization strategies that save clients’ money
  4. Prepare income tax projections
  5. Communicate in a timely fashion
  6. Provide informed answers to questions and deliver advice
  7. Propose solutions for improving financial statements and accounting
  8. Ensure every single client receives personal touch
  9. Recommend operational efficiencies and best practices
  10. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions
  11. Truly know and understand every client and look out for their best interests
  12. Perform due diligence for Mergers & Acquisition transactions
  13. Provide new business start-up consulting (entity selection, tax planning, payroll structure and accounting system)
  14. Offer QuickBooks training and customization
  15. Audit Representation before federal, state and local taxing authorities
  16. Provide Tax Notice Resolution
  17. Recommend professional resources
  18. Prepare financial statements that are useful for bankers, investors and management
  19. Provide tax notice resolution services
  20. Amend returns prepared with errors by previous firms/accountant
  21. Provide International tax filings including filings of FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)
  22. Deliver timely news in the format of our blogs, emails, newsletters and linked-in posts
  23. Be honest about what they really can and cannot do legally
  24. Always have chocolate ready at hand
  25. Make their perfect cup of Joe when clients walk in the door
  1. My Husband, Richard Gorowitz, who brought me coffee while studying for the CPA exam and took the kids on Saturdays and for the many tax seasons he has stepped up to the plate and did what needed to be done.
  2. The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta for their positive impact on my family and for me professionally through countless volunteer and participation opportunities including Day Camps, BBYO, Adult Leagues and most recently Berman Commons (Assisting Living) where my father-in-law now resides, Federations Investment Committee, PALI, Balser Symposium, and BPAC.
  3. All of the loyal and longstanding clients of more than 15-20 years including Applied Research Services (ARS), Delta, W3BG and Renew Computer.
  4. Andrea Utsey our Firm Administrator and office manager extraordinaire! A loyal employee since February 2004, Andrea is our first contact for our clients, the glue that holds us together and a great friend.
  5. My parents, Gerry and Anita Kinker, who taught me about work ethic by making me work in their business as punishment and whose dinner table conversations about business and investments impacted my business acumen and molded my beliefs.
  6. The partners, managers and supervisors from Rachlin & Cohen, Spicer & Oppenheimer, and Price Waterhouse whose mentorship and training helped me established skills across many disciplines of tax practice, accounting, financial statement preparation, audit and litigation support.
  7. NAWBO/WBO – which I joined my first month in business – and the many firsts they allowed me to accomplish: 1st committee, 1st board of directors, 1st Treasurer, 1st non-profit status application, 1st CEO roundtable and for the many friendships developed over the years.
  8. My children Amy and Alec who understand that April 16 is a holiday.
  9. Richard Morgan & Loraine DiSalvo of Morgan & DiSalvo, PC, for many years as a resource and trusted advisor.
  10. Vistage members, chairs and many friends made throughout the years.
  11. Leslie Kuban & Phil Kuban for great referrals and confidence in our firm.
  12. Atlanta Community Foundation for their educational opportunities and resources including PALI and BPAC giving circle.
  13. CPAFMA – formerly (AAA – Association for Accounting Administration) for providing industry specific best practices for accounting administration, policies, procedures and educational opportunities and peer group resources.
  14. My Grandma Dottie, whose advice when I was working and studying for CPA exam was that perhaps I should consider a different career so that I wouldn’t have to work so hard and would have weekends off.
  15. Congregation Dor Tamid (CDT) and Rabbi Ron Herstik providing a supportive religious community for my family.
  16. The Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce for being an advocate for business in my community that helps SJG and our clients to grow.
  17. Lori Evers and Tommy Marsh for their mentorship.
  18. Candace Spencer, CPA, MBA an employee for 9 years who provided trusted, valued service to clients.
  19. Ted Schwartz for helping us find our SJG home.
  20. My awesome referral sources for all they have brought us.
  21. The marketing firms we’ve worked with that have helped us to evolve and the contributions they have made to the growth of SJG, our processes and our messaging.
  22. MAP Group and Ben Loggins for peer support and industry best practices.
  23. The help and guidance from our reliable vendors and partners who have aided us with everything from printing to IT.
  24. Betty Owens for making our office space match our personality.
  25. The exemplary staff at SJG!

Celebrating 25 years with a special ribbon cutting by the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce on November 3, 2016.

Celebrating 25 years with a special ribbon cutting by the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce on November 3, 2016.

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