Five Signs You’ve Outgrown Your CPA

Finding the right CPA can make a world of difference to your financial and mental wellbeing. This is a working relationship built on trust, credibility, business style and even personality type. A lasting partnership can provide you with informed, consistent support for your business and personal finances. But what happens if the relationship goes awry?

Here are the top five signs that you may have outgrown your CPA.

5.  You find mistakes on your accounting and/or tax returns and get excuses.S.J. Gorowitz Accounting Tax CPA Alpharetta

4.  You always get voicemail when you call.

3.  Your QuickBooks file has not been adjusted to agree with your tax returns.

2.  You know deep down that your CPA probably should have retired years ago and may not be keeping up with tax law changes.

The number one sign that you’ve outgrown your CPA – your tax returns are completed on October 15, regardless of when you provide the information.


If you suspect that your CPA is not working in your best interest or that you’ve outgrown the services they can provide, it’s time for a new advocate. Ask for referrals, and ask questions. If you’re not sure which CPA is right for you, contact us for objective, proactive guidance that will help you find the right fit.  

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