M&A Advisory

Taking your business forward with M&A requires vision, preparation and accuracy.


SJG M&A Accounting AlpharettaDespite continuing growth in the overall number of M&A deals, many studies indicate that as many as half fail. While the actual process of undertaking merger or acquisition is complex, the key to increasing your chance of success can be as simple as having the guidance of an experienced advisor.

Particularly if you are an emerging company inexperienced with M&A, the right guidance can keep the deal on track and prevent exposure to post-transaction surprises. S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. has the resources and experience to keep you informed, stable and equipped to meet growth opportunities, whether you are integrating, selling or acquiring a business.

We are objective authorities who work closely with other M&A experts, brokers and attorneys to help our clients identify and capture every pertinent financial detail. Looking at the financial accuracy and condition of accounting, tax and compliance, we keep you equipped to respond to opportunities swiftly and with confidence.

M&A Planning and Strategy Support

  • Accounting system set up, training and ongoing support
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Business consulting
  • Financial statements for a sale or to secure credit for a purchase
  • Identify and fill in any record-keeping gaps
  • Pre- and post transaction advisory services
  • Post-acquisition financial and tax support services
  • Prepare historical and current financial data
  • Prepare for potential future sale via M&A transaction
  • Verify reported income

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