Turning CAS Technology Into Profits

SJ Gorowitz CAS TechnologyTechnology has changed the way we live, work and conduct business. (We’re not telling you anything you don’t know.) Client Accounting Services (CAS) technologies have revolutionized the way that you can apply digitalization, virtualization and transformation to increase profits.

By leveraging the cloud, SJG utilizes CAS technology to enable us to utilize safe virtual access to accounting records and other key financials, including banking records, payroll or anything else needed to complete your financial processes. With permission, we can securely transmit and download vital financial data, freeing you from the tedious task of having to rekey information. The result is timelier information, lower overall costs and more time to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Outsourcing these services can be easier and less costly, provide access to a higher level of expertise, and eliminate the struggle many middle-market companies face trying to hire and maintain good talent. Your high-quality virtual advisor may be more equipped to produce valuable information like key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics, and operating results compared to budget and target goals – strategy level intelligence that may be beyond the scope of your in-house team.

Case in point. Say your business typically processes 200 credit card and payroll transactions a month. Making manual entries for hundreds of transactions is a tedious drain on internal resources that can result in costly errors, if less experienced bookkeepers or owners are entering transactions without reconciling activity to credit card statements payroll tax returns and. With CAS technologies, we are able to download payroll activity and credit card activity directly into the accounting system, helping you keep your focus on what the data means for your business, rather than on what it says.

Performing the basic processing tasks more efficiently gives us more time to analyze things like tax consequences and cash flow – in other words, the things that impact your bottom line. Your financial information becomes a useful, clear and timely picture of your business as a whole.

Most company owners are not in business to manage their accounting duties. CAS allows us to provide world-class accounting functions at an economical price, and frees our clients to focus on their business operations and strategic planning.

If you haven’t already embraced new technologies, you’re officially behind the curve. It’s time to embrace change. Get in touch. The SJG team will help you put CAS to use so you can strengthen your business and compete in the technology-driven business environment.

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