4 Steps to Save Money with Year-End Tax Planning

SJG Tax Consulting

Think back over the past year. Were you surprised by a large 2014 tax bill or items you didn’t expect to see? Chances are, if you’re the owner of a small or medium sized business, you were. According to former IRS revenue officer Michael Raanan, “Numerous businesses overpay their taxes every year by overlooking various tax deductions.” The good news is, with proper early planning, you can take steps to keep more of the money that you’ve earned by reducing your tax burden – whether that’s through deductions or other proven tax strategies.  … [Read more...]

October 2015 Newsletter

The Key Financial Pieces of Successful Expansion Recently, we’ve been exploring the financial benefits, tasks and consequences of expansion. We’ve looked at everything from which questions to ask on the front end of planning, to the many variances in tax compliance, to recommended accounting systems. In this newsletter, the SJG team offers best practices we’ve assembled over decades of supporting emerging and expanding businesses. Read on, share, and plan your next steps with confidence. Planning an Expansion? These are Your Most Important Considerations. By nature, most entrepreneurs and business owners are goal setters, innovators and challenge seekers. For many, once their business is on solid footing, there’s already consideration of what the next one might be. If that next step is expansion, it’s critical to start with smart planning. We look at what expansion really entails and impacts, and then walk you through the most important expansion options, considering the pros and … [Read more...]